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Hello, I am Jennifer Billy. I grew up in Buffalo, New York but am now living in Johnsburg, Illinois. I have been married to my husband Jim for 7 years. We have a beautiful daughter, Emma, who is 5 and a handsome son Jonathan who is 2 years old.

I had worked in the Radiology field for about 10 years. I specialized in X-Ray and MRI. I really enjoyed the work and found it very challenging. However, after having Emma I struggled with the thought of putting her in daycare so I could return to work.

When Emma was 6 weeks old my husband had a stroke. I was now forced to make the definite decision not to return to work. We decided that I needed to be home with the two of them and we would some how figure everything else out.

That is when I started researching ways that I could stretch our income. I cut back on everything possible and found ways to save on the necessities. I also started working from home to be able to bring in some extra money.

It was a very difficult time. There were many times that the money seemed to run out too soon, but we never went hungry and always had a place to live. Everything else we could deal with. I learned not to get too stressed over finances. Things always had a way of working out.  Sometimes it really amazed me how it would happen.  I just had to learn to have faith and to get creative.

I believe this was a lesson for me on priorities and what is truly important in life. One thing that I have learned from all of this is that the more money I can save, the less money I needed to make. By cutting our monthly expenses I am able to still be home with my kids.

I decided to start this blog because I have met so many people that are also going through their own struggles. I hope to help others that may be struggling financially because they have lost their job or just wish to be able to stay home to raise their children. I can do this by showing different ways to be able to save money and even make money from home if needed.

It would bring me great joy to be able to help other parents by giving them the freedom to be with their children. I am very passionate about being there for my kids and not having someone else raise them. If I could help others who have this same passion and desire it would be very rewarding to me.


Priscilla Davis

Hello!  My name is Priscilla Davis and Kannapolis, North Carolina has always been the place I call home.  My husband, Chuck is my high school sweetheart and we have been married 18 years.  We have 3 wonderful children; Caleb is 9, Emma is 8 and Colby is 6 who are constantly keeping me on my toes.

I had worked for a local government for almost 8 years when my oldest (and only child at the time) continued to stay sick.  With his premature birth we knew there would be some health risk but at 8 months, a decision had to be made to stay home with him.  In the beginning it was tough adjusting to this new lifestyle but one I would not change for the world.

It was not long and here came baby number 2 with number 3 right behind.  Life had definitely took a turn and I was just trying to hang on for the ride.

A week before Caleb was to start Kindergarten; God started knocking at my hearts door and after much resistance, I gave into God and the decision to homeschool my children was made.  I have loved every minute of it and there are never any regrets.  I love seeing my children’s expressions when they discover something new for the first time.  Do not get me wrong – we do have some bad days but we just stop, catch our breath, and keep moving forward.

Recently, we have learned Caleb has Aspergers.  This has made some things very clear to us but does not change our daily task or struggles.  My family is priority and I am always on the lookout of what I can do to help things go more smoothly each day, stay on budget and still continue to learn.

My children are my world and I am excited to share what I have learned over the last few years and what we discover as we advance forward.  I hope I am able to help you on your journey of homeschooling.