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Save BIG with the BIG Daddy!!!

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The Bid Daddy!

I just had to share this picture of the Big Daddy Stock Up Pack! Does that not make you SMILE! Just imaging a HUGE box filled with ALL of these inserts showing up at you door! You do not have to imagine, it could be a reality if you ordered one of these from Insert Insanity.

Here is all that you get-

August 5
(10) Smartsource
(10) Red Plum

August 12
(10) Smartsource
(10) Red Plum

August 19
(10) Smartsource
(10) Red Plum

August 26
(10) Smartsource
(10) Red Plum
(10) P & G

Total inserts: 90 + a $10.00 credit to Wiz Clipz! All for just $49.99!

What a great way to get caught up on all the coupons from August!You will be getting all the hot coupons from this weeks insert including the $2/1 Stayfree coupon, Free Bic Flame-Disk and Free Poligrip just to name a few. The Bic Flame-Disk coupon alone will more then cover your cost of the inserts.

With all the coupons you will be getting in this package you have the potential to save thousands! The 8/26 inserts alone can save you $3150!Here is the complete breakdown on potential savings from this one pack-

Smarsource 8/5 = $166.38
Red Plum 8/5 = 76.28
Smartsource 8/12 = 104.78
Red Plum 8/12 = 37.39
Smartsource 8/19 = 82.55
Red Plum 8/19 = 48.10
Smartsource 8/26 = 134.66
Red Plum 8/26 = 64.65
P & G 8/26 = 135.00
Grand total = $849.79 * 10 sets = 8497.90 in one Big Daddy

Plus the $10 credit will get you over 60 clipped coupons. Choose a $1/1 coupon and you are already into saving just from the credit!

Still do not want to spend that much, well split it with a friend. You will then each get 5 of each insert (45 total) and a $5 credit for just $25!

You can find the Big Daddy Stock Up Pack under Bonus Buys.

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